What’s Leadpages?

It’s  versatility in goods, large and small companies have turned up in Leadpages for templates and marketing solutions.

A few great integrations and templates will accompany your experience with Leadpages. It aids in multichannel linking to ensure your product reaches further with more attachment. Leadpages is a well-reputed and comparatively young software service that lets you build landing pages that can increase your conversion rate to a great extent. All you need to get a good business site is available in Leadpages, and all it takes to discover its power is a quick look on its own amazing features.

Leadpages has made a large number of consumers within the course of 3 decades. It’s more than 40000 customers as we speak and it has created more than a million pages for its customers. Since there is

Leadpages features

Main features of Leadpages are:

  • Fight Catch Pop-Ups
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Sub Accounts
  • Video Player
  • Important Email Service Integrations
  • A/B Testing
  • Quick Webhosting
  • A/B Analytics
  • HTML Editing
  • Digitized Asset Delivery
  • Easy Drag & Drop Customization
  • Optimized Templates for Mobile Devices

The Way LeadPages Works

If you want to see Leadpages in action on Become a Writer Today:

Go here

click the giant yellow button in the bottom of the page (you can not miss it!) .

This landing page and the one pictured below took me about five minutes to make at Leadpages.

I didn’t have to use any code to make this webpage. I was able to change the look of this page with the fall and drop editor, and that I will see just how the Leadpages is acting in real time.

Leadpages also includes additional functionality beyond landing pages.

The Leaddigits feature enables webinar hosts to call out a contact number. Attendees can text this telephone number and get a free copy of the speaker presentation and notes.

The Leadlinks attribute is useful if you use email marketing campaigns to attract clients and registrants to your own training. If you paste this to a broadcast email, an email subscriber will click on the Leadlink and register automatically.

You can even use Leadpages to create alerts and pop-up bars on parts of your site to attract additional subscribers or leads. Pop-ups, in particular, are a great way of developing an email list for your Small Company

Just how Much Can Leadpages Price?

Leadpages Pricing Plans:

Free Trial







Leadpages provides both SMB and enterprise pricing plans for businesses of all scales and industries. Have a look at the facts, and choose the most appropriate one for your needs:

Standard — $25/month

Pro — $49/month

All Normal Plan features

Chat webpages

Partner firms dismiss

promotional program accessibility

Leaddigits text to opt in Codes

One Click signup links

Split A/B testing

Advanced — $199/month

All Pro Plan comprises

Five complimentary Leadpages sub accounts

Extra lead digit text messaging campaigns (50)

Quick start call

Free virtual workshops

Annual seminar reductions

Advanced integrations

Telephone support

All packages can be found with a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • “Leadpages is perfect for men and women that only want a single (or a couple) of landing pages and arent in the biz of producing heaps of landing pages for online marketing.” When you think about great looking landing pages, Leadpages is that springs to mind.”
  • “Supply a great deal of helpful information through their newsletter. Reliable once individual actually accesses information needed.”
  • “Leadpages is great for precisely what it says — leadpages. It generates amazing landing pages with hardly any work “


  • “M frustrated that the voucher performance with Stripe does not operate in Leadpages. I use coupons as a way for other bloggers to market my events, and I track their use by who employed which coupons.” This made life very difficult.”
  • “It can be rather difficult to work out…plenty of things I’ve learned just by accident.”
  • “If you have a product launching the last thing you want is to wait for months and pay huge bucks to get a dev to get a webpage up, this allows you go without all of the hassle.”


Leadpages is one of the greatest landing page construction software on the market. It isn’t overly expensive and as mentioned above it’s a ton of other features. If you’re serious about lead and sales generation and are seeking a builder which will do the task, Leadpages will be the most suitable choice.

But if you would like something that will take things to the next level, there are better programs available like Unbounce.

And in case you’ve got a small budget and aren’t ready for a builder right now, it is going to be better for you to go with something such as Convertkit. It is an email automation program that also enables you to create landing pages. But they don’t have a drag and drop builder. So, your design options are limited.