About ShortStack by Lea Heckley

She has been on the team for more than a decade, such as back from the pre-digital times when they worked mostly on print advertising campaigns. When there are a lots of dog lovers at ShortStack, Lea is the greatest dog mother.

Ease of Usage


Concerning ease of usage, Shortstack is not any less. Most consumer testimonials indicate satisfaction regarding simplicity of use. However, individuals that aren’t technology-savvy tend to fight at times as a result of automatic answers and widget causes. Deficiency of understanding and working does occur with a few clients.

ShortStack Pricing

Monthly Pricing
BUSINESS $99/month Switch to annual and save 20 percent  AGENCY $199/month Switch to yearly and save 20%  BRAND $499/month Switch to yearly and save 20%  
10,000 Entries50,000 Entries500,000 Entries
50,000 Views250,000 Views2,500,000 Views

ShortStack Key Feature

Key Characteristics 
Engaging templatesTotal customization
Competition management ApplicationsWhite Tagging Alternative
Automated MailsConstructed analytics
Data privacy and SafetyTeam collaboration tools
Custom design SolutionsModeration Solutions

Advantages of ShortStack

  • Variety of Topics, styles, and templates for marketing campaigns
  • Lead and contact management tools
  • Mail Marketing, Effort analytics, and Kind Advertising features
  • Range of Widgets, tools and integration Choices
  • Inbuilt Anti-fraud mechanisms and intuitive contest building
  • Automated Answers and No-code customization campaigns
  • Great Direct capture and engagements options

Disadvantages of ShortStack

  • The technical Advancement and few Innovative features make it Somewhat difficult for Consumers to Accommodate
  • No resources to track where the database entries are coming from
  • A free trial is only available for a business Strategy and that Also has limited Entrances and views
  • Comparatively expensive and Customising landing pages in CSS is a little tedious

ShortStack Alterative

1.HubSpot MarketingOur

    score: 9.5 User gratification: 99 percent

HubSpot Marketing is a easy-to-use advanced digital advertising software solution. It is used for a number of advertising needs and channels from SEO to social media. The stage includes a CRM base complete with analytics. It has modules to handle blogs, lead generation, social observation, advertisements, and email advertisements.

2. PardotOur

     score: 9.0 User gratification: 97 percent

Pardot is a marketing automation and lead management applications designed to connect with Salesforce CRM, allowing your advertising and sales teams to arrange, deploy, and manage online advertising campaigns. A cloud hosted solution, Pardot supplies a full set of tools that help entrepreneurs produce meaningful connections, create pipelines, and enable sales to close deals.

3. Salesforce Advertising Cloud

    Our score: 9.3 User satisfaction: 97 percent

A marketing solution that enables businesses by offering tools for personalizing customer journeys across different devices and stations. It uses artificial intelligence in listening and interpreting what customers say about brands, helping companies leverage customer feedback in delivering high-quality services and products.

Performance and Rate


If it comes to speed and performance, ShortStack experts the game. The customized contest templates, automated responses, trigger actions, and widgets increase the speed significantly as well.

Security & Safety


In terms of safety, Shortstack wins the race. Its anti-fraudulent mechanisms, GDPR compliance, and CAN-SPAM compliance, and all make it a considerably secure lead generating and marketing campaign tool. They are also PCI compliant and ISO 9000 accredited.

Client Support


The only thing available from the ShortStack Customer service is training. Hurry all of the support platforms are just like those of all ShortStack.

User Satisfaction

Favorable Social Networking Mentions202

Negative Social Networking Mentions1

We realize that if you make a choice to purchase Marketing Software it is important not just to observe how pros assess it in their reviews, but also to discover whether the actual people and businesses which purchase it are really happy with the item. That is why we’ve established our behavior-based Client Satisfaction Algorithmâ„¢ that collects customer testimonials, opinions and ShortStack testimonials across a broad assortment of social networking websites. The information is then presented in an easy to digest form revealing how many individuals had negative and positive encounter with ShortStack. With that information at hand you ought to be armed to make an educated buying decision you won’t repent.


I won’t suggest a product unless I use and enjoy it. I love and use ShortStack. It has made my life simpler and has let me make Facebook tabs on my brand new Timeline that seem far better than anything that I might have made (and’ve previously generated ) from scratch or a different tool.