About Cylance

Cylance Inc. is Your AI-based Security Seller lately obtained by Blackberry for $1.4 billion. Cylance is a specialist in endpoint security using a somewhat different strategy: their approaches are meant to predict and stop, rather than reactively discover the execution of complex dangers. The business has existed since 2012 but initially focused on business — and enterprise-level endpoint protection. Cylance Smart Antivirus, being the organization’s first personal antivirus software, brings the very same technology to individual clients.

  • SC Media Innovator”Hall of Fame” (2019)
  • Cylance Awarded Coveted MSPWorld Cup MVP (2018)
  • LinkedIn Top Businesses | Startups (2017)
  • Cyber Security Leaders (2017)

Threat Security

It is essential to understand exactly how well any anti virus protects against risks, and generally AV-Comparatives, AV-Test, along with other huge testing labs’ outcome are a fantastic way to discover. That is not possible in this situation since Cylance hasn’t yet been analyzed by a number of the significant labs for a few decades.

Malware Protection

Classic antivirus applications normally operates by comparing a lot of files into a very long list of known dangers that has to be updated continuously. Cylance Smart Antivirus functions responsibly and differently. It describes behaviours of”prospective” strikes and prevents them till they could ever happen. The machine does not detect risks by their record signature, but instead using its’artificial intelligence engine’ to identify dangers proactively.

Internet Protection

Cylance does not try to keep the browser away out of malware-hosting URLs. The logic behind this, as the Cylance agents describe, is that”the bad men can quickly change URLs and IP addresses, forcing web-blocking technology to chase after continuously shifting targets.” But, Cylance does evaluate all downloads in order case you try to begin the downloaded malware, then Cylance will quarantine it instantly.

Resource Consumption

The Exceptional approach utilized by Cylance significantly reduces any influence on your system performance. Smart Antivirus doesn’t have to regularly download massive definition files, for instance, or overload your hard drive to run whole system scans.

24/7 Real-time Scanning

Predicting threats until they execute — signifies a faster machine because there is no need to scan all your documents. Cylance Smart Antivirus does not do traditional background threat detection, and will just scan opened and active files and procedures. When a file on a secondary drive like an external hard disk is opened/copied/moved, this can trigger a process connected to the file at while phase the Cylance Smart Antivirus Agent would scan it.

Extra Protection Characteristics

The lightweight package and Minor resources intake have its price: there is no VPN, for instance, URL filtering, no adware or spam blocking, no special banking coverage, no password manager, no file shredder or any of the extra extras you’ll frequently see elsewhere.

The significant benefit of this AI-type Plan is that it ought to be able to immediately identify new and undiscovered threats. While a few are awaiting updates to their definitions — that might just arrive after the danger was recognized, too late for those who’ve been infected — Cylance Smart Antivirus aims to be clever enough to pick up on new dangers once they appear.

Platforms/Devices Access

Cylance Smart Antivirus is compatible with the Most Recent versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS laptops and desktops.


All Three of Cylance Smart Antivirus’ plans include the particular same features. The only Distinction is that the Price and number of apparatus licenses included together:

Proactive Protection from Future Threats: Detect & protect against future viruses, malware & ransom ware without having updates.

No More Lists: almost any need to download every day virus lists or security patches. It protects proactively without hard drive scans.

No More Interruptions: Minimum impact to system or network functionality & no bothersome pop-ups.

Pricing and Strategies

Every Subscription to Cylance’s Smart Antivirus includes a 30-day money back guarantee. Various applications are available based on the amount of licenses required.

Cylance Smart Antivirus’ most basic plan is restricted to use on a single device only. It is ideal for clients using one PC or Mac device that they will have to protect.

Multi-license Plans

For people who wish to protect more than one device, Cylance offers Household and Family bundles, which arrive with extra licenses. The Household plan comprises four additional apparatus permits for a total of five, whereas the household package includes 9 additional licenses for a total of 10.

2-Year and Renewal Discounts

Cylance rewards users who subscribe to its plans for two years instead of one using a discount. The company also does this to the customers who renew their subscription after the first calendar year.

1 apparatus: $1.99 a month

Up to 5 apparatus: $4.99 a month

Up to 10 apparatus: $3.99 a month

Cyclance Pros and Cons

Lightweight, AI-based anti virus to stop even undiscovered threats   Impressive protection capacities   Low resources consumption   Heavily discounted plans   30 Day Money-back GuaranteeNo VPNQuite few Additional attributesNo longer complimentary trialNo recent outcomes in testing labs


While there were a few of the finer features found in other virus security applications missing from Cylance, we had been impressed with the AI-powered learning process employed within their hazard detection process.

If you’re somebody who enjoys carrying a more hands-on approach with your antivirus software or have multiple related devices, you need to absolutely give Cylance a shot. Their advanced, proactive approach to preventing malware and viruses could just be the perfect match for the digital security needs.