AppSumo Introduction

AppSumo first started in 2011, established by serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan (who’s also behind applications tools Sumo and KingSumo). David Garland shares how Kagan assembled the business for $50 in a weekend — it became a million dollar plus company less than two years after

Kagan is currently in good small business company with idea leader spouses like Neville Medhora, who assisted grow AppSumo’s email list from zero subscribers to 750k. The Prey revenue page has been Medhora’s first sales page/email effort — it was so successful that he wrote each sales page for the subsequent two years.

Helpful Rules

1: If you are a content creator, say yes to credits for a variety of networking resources.

2: Hunt Outside (Non-Biased) Reviews

3: Audit Your Present Software Tools

4: Have a look at the Lifetime Deal’s Product Roadmap

5:Ascertain if the Lifetime Deal Integrates with Other Favorite Tools

6: Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

7: Locate a Support Strategy for Non-Biased AppSumo Reviews

The Ideal Lifetime Deals I Bought From AppSumo:

I have bought so many AppSumo bargains but these are a Few of the very best of the best:

Have a look at my Missinglettr review.

Feedier: A tool for systematizing the customer feedback process.

Awario: A tool for discovering social/website mentions.

White label SEO audit programs: SerpStat and SERanking.

Highend WordPress themes: TeslaThemes and ThemesKingdom.

WordPress plugins, like

Revue: A tool for creating curated email newsletters. Subscribe to my Revue email newsletter!

Google Analytics dash: Keyword Hero.

WebinarNinja: A webinar platform.



  • Speed and Performance — Mobile programs work with a cellphone’s built-in attributes, such as location services, microphone, and camera, so programs built for your mobile device usually work faster. (However, there are exceptions, based upon the specific operation of the app.)
  • Capability to Send Push Notifications — Mobile apps permit you to send reminders, which increases engagement.
  • Improved User Experience –Since programmers create mobile apps specifically for a specific operating system, they occasionally offer a better user experience.
  • Offline accessibility — Many cellular programs offer offline access not dependent on WiFi when the user downloads the app. (Again, this will be based on the specific functionality of your app.)
  • Promotional Opportunities — List your program in the App Store or Google Play expands your reach to a wider audience.


  • Price of Development — An Android app won’t work on iOS, and vice versa. You will need to build two separate mobile programs if you want to function both programs. (Notice: In limited instances, cross-platform development permits a single code base to address both iOS and Android apparatus, but this technology is still developing and isn’t a guaranteed possibility when wanting to guarantee a high-quality end product).
  • Price of Maintenance — Mobile programs require regular maintenance updates for bug fixes, security problems, etc..
  • App Shop Approvals May Require Time — It’s a tedious process and may take a few weeks to secure acceptance from the App Store.
  • Download Required — Use of this program requires that a user download and install it on their apparatus. Some users may not want to install another program on their phones.

5 Best Timeline Appsumo deals In December 2020

Deal Name                           Sort                                        Lifetime Price

LiveWebinar                      Webinar Platform                                          $99

Linguix                                Writing Assistant                                            $49

InVideo                               Video Creation                                                $49

SendFox                              Email Marketing                                             $49

KingSumo                           Viral Giveaways                                              $49

Final Thought

I have attempted to spell out the qualities and advantages of all the tools presently offered by AppSumo in Briefcase. However, the best approach to evaluate these tools would be to register for a free trial. Currently, AppSumo is offering a free 7-day trial of this platform, where you’re able to unlock some of the tools and test out the features. Click here to register for a free trial.