About Constant Contact

Our email marketing service provides real-time monitoring tools that report who’s clicking, opening, and sharing your mails so that you may plan your next steps. Our editor makes it effortless to personalize an email template and layout specialist, mobile-responsive mails which look great on every device.

Features of Constant Contact

CAN SPAM ComplianceList Direction
Client SurveysMobile Optimized Emails
Drip CampaignsReporting/Analytics
Dynamic ContentSubscriber Management
Event Triggered EmailTemplate Management
Image LibraryWYSIWYG Email Editor
Landing Pages/Web TypesList Direction
CAN SPAM Compliance 
Audience Segmentation                 Location-Based Marketing  
Campaign Management                Reporting/Analytics  
Email Marketing                             Social Media Promotion  
   Event Calendar                                Surveys & Feedback        
Landing Pages / Web Types          Website Management  

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Constant Contact Alternatives

HubSpot Marketing Hub

by HubSpot

Best For: Over 68,800 Clients in more than 100 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software to Entice, engage and delight their Clients.


by Act-On Software

Best For: Act-On functions 4800+ clients worldwide, ranging in size (small and midsize businesses, enterprise sections ) and industry (financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, education, technician ).


by Ontraport

Finest For: Advanced enough for large company, created for small business. Ontraport is your connection to customers with do-it-yourself simplicity, one-on-one customer care, and built-for-you marketing & sales. It is the platform of choice for more than 100,000 companies worldwide including many Fortune 500 brands.


by iPost

Best For: iPost is an enterprise platform that was constructed for marketers by marketers with customers featured across the retail, entertainment, gaming, travel, restaurant and publishing businesses.


by SendX

Finest For: 3000+ companies around the globe trust SendX for easy, powerful & affordable email marketing. SendX offers unlimited emails, powerful automation tools, 24×7 service, great email deliverability.


by GetResponse

Finest For: We provide a complete suite of simple-yet-powerful options, scaled and customized for small and Massive businesses.

Pricing of constant contact

Beginning Price                      $20.00/month    
Free Trial                                   Yes, receive a free trial  
Android                             Deployment         Installed – Windows                                                                                Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS                                 
Training                            In Person                           Live Online  
Support                              Business Hours                 Online
      Advantage:-     “It enabled for me to have the ability to send beautiful, attractive, and encouraging emails for my viewers would encourage them to interact with the links within the email.””Love the capacity to find out who is opening emails, clicking, blowing off, etc.. It is very helpful to have these kind of analytics.””We were using publisher to make an internet newsletter to our parents. With Constant Contact it is simple, super fast, looks fantastic and contains embedded links which assists our end user a good deal.””Constant Contact is very good for creating simple newsletters, maybe even the type which may just circulate internally. Beyond this, it is best to use something stronger.”    
                                   Disadvantages:-     “The choices are relatively dull. Dragging items to modify their placement is bothersome as it rarely works readily.” The builder was quite frustrating to use along with the emails seemed extremely amateurish.””Constant Contact may be a little fastidious about unsubscribers and spam reports. The customer has very little control once a recipient has unsubscribed or documented spam””Whether they would inadvertently unsubscribe (getting them back on the email distribution list is bothersome ), or get kicked off the record automatically due to inactivit    

Great For Large Contact Base”

Pros: Constant Contact does a Fantastic job of managing multiple groups/list and a Lot of contacts.

I have worked with customers who have a huge customer base and Constant Contact allows managing large amounts of group/lists and allows you to guide remove unsubscribers and errors. They’re rolling out a new version of their email builder, however, the old version does allow custom css coding per cube that really allows customizing their own templates.

Cons: There are a great deal of quirks within Constant Contact that I haven’t seen in Mailchimp, specifically with using external links for photos and links. The actual editing of links and text inside the email builder is unique and has some difficulties. Additionally, the new search feature for preceding mails is really slow and requires a long time to discover previous mails if you don’t make folders for all of your emails.

Tips to other clients

Give it a try together with Mailchimp and find out which one you find better useful for your company. Hopefully the newer variant will deliver it up to par with Mailchimp in the line of producing mails and removing a few of the quirks.