What’s BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a non-prescription,’hosted’ e-commerce alternative which enables business owners to establish an online shop and sell their merchandise on the internet. ‘Hosted’ implies that BigCommerce runs on its servers — so that you do not need to get hosting or install anything in your computer to use it. Provided that you’ve got access to an internet browser and the world wide web, you can build and manage your shop from anywhere.

It is a’software as a service’ (SaaS) merchandise, meaning you don’t have the program, but also pay a monthly charge to use it.

BigCommerce pricing

BigCommerce provides four monthly pricing strategies, which are as follows:

BigCommerce Pro: $299.95 per month

BigCommerce Enterprise: pricing varies, Depending upon Your business requirements

A 10% reduction is available for the’Plus’ and’Guru’ programs in the Event That You pay annually to them; and a 15-day free trial is also available

Core selling features

The capacity to sell an infinite number of digital or physical products , in groups of your own choosing and utilizing shipping prices of Your Choice

  • A drag-and-drop builder
  • Integration using Paypal and a wide Variety of payment gateways
  • Boundless staff balances
  • Search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization ) features
  • Automated picture optimization , with Akamai Picture Manager
  • Integration with Various email Advertising services: Continuous Contact, iContact, Mailchimp and Interspire
  • Discount vouchers and gift vouchers
  • Product review performance
  • Specialist reporting.

Different Between the Bigcommerce Plan

Bigcommerce Standard

BigCommerce’s lowest priced offering, that the’standard’ plan, costs $29.95, which is approximately the exact same price as Shopify, Volusion and Squarespace’s entry level e-commerce plans.

That said it is, Generally Speaking, a much more comprehensive starter program than some of them, providing:

A standalone online store

The capacity to market an unlimited number of goods

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited file storage

BigCommerce Plus

We have the’BigCommerce Plus’ program.

In addition to this core functionality as you’ll find on the standard plan, it provides

An abandoned cart saver instrument

A’persistent cart’ (this saves products to a customer’s cart no matter device used)

Stored credit cards (this allows your regular customers to store their card details in your store)

Customer grouping / segmentation

BigCommerce Guru

The next plan up in the mix is’BigCommerce Guru’. With this plan, you don’t get a huge level of extra performance over BigCommerce Plus — but you can get a significantly increased sales limit.

This permits around $400,000 in online sales, with an additional charge of $150 a month per $200k in earnings.

BigCommerce Enterprise

Finally, there’s BigCommerce’s”Enterprise” program to consider.

While this plan name indicates, it’s geared towards corporate customers that have very high volumes of earnings (generally, over $1,000,000), and, accordingly, innovative selling requirements.

Innovative product filtering (this allows your visitors search your shop using your own custom fields)

Price lists (this Permits You to create pricing rules based on customer groups — so different groups of clients see distinct product costs based on how

Transaction fees and Earnings limits

A question that many prospective BigCommerce users ask is:”how much of a cut of my sales are they going to take?”

Well, the good thing is there are no transaction fees on any BigCommerce program. That is in marked contrast to its key competitors.

But you do have to cover charge card payment charges to the organization you select to process payments. These will be contingent on the payment gateway you use (more on this in a minute ).

The good thing, and as stated earlier, is that BigCommerce puts a limits in your annual online sales.

These limits are as follows:

BigCommerce Standard: $50,000

BigCommerce Guru : $400,000


BigCommerce gets the biggest quantity of built-in attributes of almost any ecommerce builder. Including the all-important SSL Security certification, which encrypts user information to create online payments secure.


BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce builder with a great deal of weight behind it. Impressive information reports, an comprehensive inventory, and also the many built-in attributes of any builder make it a power to be reckoned with.

It is ideal for big and fast-growing companies . If you are not searching for expansion, or are a entire beginner, this builder is not for you.

Its powerful features make BigCommerce somewhat like a rocket. Attach it to the ideal company and it is going to burst you to another tax bracket. But use it to something that isn’t reaching for the stars, and you are going to be spending an awful lot on gasoline simply to get from A to B.

BigCommerce caters to companies of all sizes and shapes, so don’t be put off if your shop is not the largest on the park. You will just get the maximum out