Envato Elements is a service provided by Envato. Its Principal objective is to give creators, designers, and other access to a astonishing, expanding library of electronic assets. Envato Elements comprises WordPress plugins and topics, HTML templates, fonts, graphics, illustrations, photos, sound files, movies, and additional articles.

Envato Components is a subscription service that offers you Access to over 900,000 downloadable digital assets for your own projects. To keep things simple, Envato Elements provides two pricing plans — monthly and yearly — together with both promoting unlimited downloads. As a result of a recent change to their own pricing model, the 2 options (instead of just the yearly plan) now include accessibility to the 900+ WordPress plugins and topics accessible from Envato Elements.

Who’s Envato Elements For?

We’ll Have a Look at Some of the posts available in more Detail later on in this Envato Components review. But to give you a better idea of that may profit from signing up to this service, some teams from the target market include:

  • Website owners who want a diverse choice of WordPress plugins and subject.
  • Bloggers who need high-quality graphics for their articles.
  • Web designers who need WordPress topics, HTML templates, and other assets for their websites.
  • T-shirt along with other product creators who seek starter templates and images for their layouts.
  • Graphic designers and other illustrators who would enjoy more fonts, brushes, action, and layer styles.
  • Business owners who would appreciate ready-made stationery, business card, and website templates.
  • Audio producers searching for sound effects to their compositions.
  • Vloggers looking for stock video files and movie templates for their content.
  • Podcasters who would find a huge library of audio idents because of their incidents useful.

How Much Can Envato Elements Costs?

As you can see from the previous picture, there are two

  • Monthly Plan: $33 plus applicable local taxes billed monthly.
  • Annual Plan: $198 plus applicable regional taxes charged yearly (equal to $16.50 a month).

As mentioned previously in this Envato Elements inspection, you do Not have to pay annually to acquire access to this 900+ WordPress plugins and themes (in addition to the other assets) since it currently isn’t important if you decide to pay monthly or yearly, you may download everything accessible from Envato Elements while your subscription remains active.

But, there is still an advantage of paying yearly, which Is you will save 50 percent within the year compared to paying yearly.


  • WordPress themes and plugins now contained.
  • A wide assortment of different sorts of items.
  • Large library of high-tech resources.
  • User-friendly port and manhood dash.
  • Continue to utilize assets after ending subscription.
  • Affordable monthly fee.


  • Not as many WordPress topics as items in another catogries.

Final Thoughts

I was impressed with Envato Elements. Just $33 a month (or the equivalent of $16.50 a month if you pay yearly) gets you access to a huge library of high-quality assets.

As a blogger and social websites user, I finally have a seemingly endless supply of pictures that I can use to enhance my articles, tweets and other social networking articles. If I had been a graphic designer, programmer, or a different kind of founder, then Envato Elements could be much more useful and far better value. Having the ability to rapidly download a website template to show to a client as a starting point, or catch some interesting new fonts for a project will save you a lot of effort and time, ultimately helping to improve your bottom line. Business owners who want a pair of stationery templates will have the ability to find something appropriate here too.

Now that WordPress themes and plugins are available in Envato Elements, it is a much better bargain than previously. Additionally, since the first version of the Envato Elements review was published, the number of digital assets in the library has risen from 20,000 to over 909,00, together with the cost remaining almost exactly the same.