What’s Hubspot?

Simply speaking, HubSpot can help you to optimize and simplify your inbound advertising efforts. It’s a marketing platform, rated as the finest inbound advertising platform on the planet, which serves over 10,000 businesses in 65 distinct countries. The platform scoops up all your present applications, services, service programs, etc., and places them into one location, on a single stage.

HubSpot provides the ability to design, build, host and modify a web site without the assistance of a designer or IT support. If it’s possible to drag and drop with a mouse, then it is possible to construct a website. Further, the website builder makes it effortless to personalize content for every visitor and print content that’s optimized for cellular. After your new site is launched, HubSpot supplies a report card for every website page and provides recommendations to enhance your websites performance in search engines.



Blogging may be an integral step to some organization’s inbound advertising plan. Companies that share believed leadership via a blog visit 3.3x greater website visitor each month in a year and 3.5x more prospects per month in a year. HubSpot marketing software makes it easy to make and publish blog articles. More importantly, though, HubSpot makes it easier to develop an audience to your own content by optimizing it using advocated key words. It then provides the ability to capture data and measure the effects of each bit of printed content.


HubSpot makes it possible to discover, organize and track the key words that drive your organic search results. Further, it is possible to benchmark your positions against your competition and get keyword suggestions and search-engine SEO advice.


If you’re using Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising or LinkedIn Sponsored Updates as part of your marketing strategy, HubSpot’s Ads add-in provides the capacity to not just measure clicks and impressions, but also leads, customers and real ROI of your advertising campaigns.


Achieve enhanced deliverability and response when you create easy-to-design and implement customized email campaigns.

Advertising AUTOMATION

Automation makes it possible for marketers to reach more with fewer resources and in significantly less time. 64% of entrepreneurs say they saw the benefits of utilizing marketing automation over the first six months of its execution. HubSpot’s advertising automation helps marketers design, build and execute personalized prospect engagement workflows which are triggered by form submissions, site page revisits, content opinions, etc.. Automated answers can be crafted for the various potential activity and alerts can be set up to facilitate the next-best-step from the sales process.

Why We Enjoy HubSpot

We know that was lots of advice about how HubSpot functions and how it can help increase your company. We thought we would share some of our favorite parts of HubSpot while you wrap your mind about everything it can do.

  • Everything is in one place.

If you keep track of your clients within a spreadsheet or use different apps for your advertising and sales teams, we promise–it does not need to be that hard. We love HubSpot because it is the central hub (no pun intended) for everything within our company. We use it to write our sites, track our customers’ activity, and ship our monthly evaluations. It streamlines communication for our team because we always know where things happen. Spoiler, they are all in HubSpot.

  • It’s simple to monitor and measure achievement.

One of our favourite things about HubSpot is the data which you get. Even better? They recently updated their reports to make it easier to find the information to track achievement. Everything is measurable and HubSpot makes it effortless to navigate and discover the information that matters most to you. You may even customize your accounts or create dashboards to share across your company.


  • The platform is easy to use — Hubspot have a beautifully designed product.
  • 7-day free trial — Many advertising automation tools do a pretty bad job of mitigating the client’s up-front risk (high setup fees, no free trials, and long contracts). While Hubspot do require high setup fees along with a contract, they are one of the only real tools to offer you a free trial.
  • Educating their customers — Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Hubspot is the degree to which they invest in educating their customers. Their blog provides an exceptional place for business owners to find out about online marketing.
  • A location for all your resources — Hubspot is convenient in that it has everything in 1 place. While you could get 99% of Hubspot’s functionality for free (or cheap) elsewhere, it’s handy having it in 1 place.


  • In the end, marketing automation is something which you’re most likely to use for many decades, so this isn’t too big an issue. However, it’d be safer to have a rolling month-on-month contract.
  • Very steep price creep — While Hubspot don’t have a $200/month bundle, marketing automation and CRM integration are simply offered at their $800/month package, which comprises only 1,000 contacts. As your requirements and contacts develop, so does that cost (quite rapidly).
  • Most tools provided by Hubspot are liberated everywhere — Hubspot offers a well-designed set of tools, but there are not any silver bullets in there that could not be located elsewhere for cheap or free.
  • Technical support is compensated — Implementing Hubspot is rather straight-forward, but if you do require ongoing technical assistance, you’ll need to pay for it.


If you’re looking to implement an inbound marketing strategy for your business by employing an all-purpose toolthen we highly suggest taking HubSpot for a test drive. Have questions about these HubSpot pros and cons or want to learn more? Leave us a comment in the form below and we will touch base!